Jesse will be playing every Tuesday in April at (le) Poisson Rouge in NYC. Each week will feature a different band and special guests. Please come out and say hello. It will be more fun with you there!

April 5 @ 10pm
Cosmo Band featuring Larry Goldings, Anthony Wilson, Michael Leonhart, Rob Jost, Clark Gayton, Mauro Refosco, Bill Dobrow and special guest Tony Scherr.

April 12 @ 10pm
Through The Night Band featuring Bill Dobrow, Guilherme Monteiro and Mauro Refosco and special guests Vinicius Cantuaria & Norah Jones.

April 19 @ 10pm
Cosmo Band featuring Bill Dobrow, Eivind Opsvik, Michael Leonhart, Clark Gayton, Didi Gutman and special guests Tony Scherr, Antonio Villeroy and Maria Gadu.

April 26 @ 10pm
Through The Night Band featuring Bill Dobrow, Guilherme Monteiro, Steven Bernstein, Mauro Refosco, Thomas Bartlett, Doug Wieselman and special guests Sasha Dobson and Kaki King.

Photo 2010 Juan Patino Photography



March 14, 2011

My heart and my thoughts are with everyone in Japan. I’m so sorry for this heartbreaking tragedy. I send you all my best wishes for a strong and speedy recovery! Lots of love, Jesse

Vidal Sasoon The Movie

February 11, 2011

Vidal Sassoon The Movie has its theatrical release today, Friday, February 11th. Show your support for the man who changed the world with a pair of scissors.


Join us for a Q&A with legendary Vidal Sassoon, Director Craig Teper and Producers Michael Gordon and Jackie Gilbert Bauer after Friday 2/11 and Saturday 2/12 7:40 PM shows. Friday’s Q&A will be moderated by Nigel Smith of indieWIRE; Saturday’s Q&A will be moderated by Josh Rothkopf of Time Out New York.

Jesse on Grooveable Feast!

January 28, 2011

Jesse sat down with Richard Julian at Bozu to discuss food, music and books on Grooveable Feast. Jesse also performs a few songs with Bill Dobrow on drums and Guilerme Monteiro on bass..

Check out full episodes and bonus clips at the Grooveable Feast website.

Jesse recently played a few shows opening for Norah Jones in South America. We have 3 tracks you can download for free, right HERE!

Unlike Little Star, this video didn’t have a central story or film. Instead, inspired by mostly nocturnal as well as abstract colorful videos of Hannah’s that had been shot in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona and even Hawaii over the past couple of years, I compiled images that seemed to accompany the dreamlike mood and theme of the song’s lyrics and music. Once I got a rough first draft of the video together, Hannah helped me finish editing it.

On tour in Japan this past October 2010, my girlfriend Hannah Cohen, who was opening the shows and singing background vocals with me, took all these beautiful videos from the window of the trains. I thought one in particular was brilliant and blessed with the serendipity of having a woman sitting in front of Hannah’s stationary camera as we pulled slowly into the station and stopped. Having never used iMovie before, I suddenly realized that the music to Little Star would fit perfectly as the background music to this film, and in a couple of hours edited together this video with some of her others from that same trip.

Jesse on Tour In Japan!

October 11, 2010

Jesse and his band are on tour in Japan. Here are some photos from the first show at the ASAGIRI Festival. The tour dates are listed below.

Tue. Oct 12 : Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Club Quattro
Wed. Oct  13 : Kyoto, Japan – Taku Taku
Thu. Oct  14 : Toyama, Japan – Forza Sogawa
Fri. Oct 15 : Hiroshima, Japan – Club Quattro
Sat. October 16 : Fukuoka, Japan – Rooms
Mon. October 18 : Nagoya, Japan – Blue Note

Thursday, September 9 @  Rockwood Music Hall – Stage 2
“Through The Night” CD Release Show!

Doors open at 6:00pm
Show starts at 7:30pm
with special guest Hannah Cohen

196 Allen Street – NYC
(between Houston and Stanton)

$10 advance tickets available now.
Everyone who comes to the show will get a free copy of Jesse’s new album Through The Night!

Hey everyone.  Jesse here, writing to you, which I know is a rare occasion, but I thought this newsletter required it.

Many moons ago, in the mid 90s, I was a part of a group called Once Blue, led by the singer Rebecca Martin, with whom I made my first albums for EMI.  The first one came out in ’95, and we toured behind it for a year.  The second one was recorded at the end of ’96 and never came out, except in Japan a few years ago, appearing as the 9 bonus tracks to the release of the re-mastered original album.  That version is what I would call “The Complete Once Blue,” containing over 20 songs.  At last, after nearly 15 years, for the first time ever in the US, it is available today on iTunes.

That second album, which begins at track 13 “The Endicott,” was thought for a long time to be lost forever. We had been dropped from the label before ever doing the final mixes and later did not have possession of the masters; besides, it never seemed practical to bother, since the group ceased to exist. But in 2002, our former management, going out of business, offered to give us back all our old reels and DAT tapes, of which there was one single DAT of the second album’s rough mixes.  They sounded incredible, bolstering the perennial argument that “the rough mixes are better.”  These are what appear on this release, and there are some classic gems among them, if I may so myself!  For example, Kurt Rosenwinkel’s guitar solo on “Shadow Of A Bird” is simply brilliant and continues to mesmerize me time and again.

Since it’s a downloader’s world now, for those only interested in getting a handful of tunes, I would recommend “Now That I’ve Disappeared” and “I Hate to See You Go” from the first album and almost all the bonus tracks from the second album, but particularly the above mentioned, as well as “Children and Holidays,” “The Endicott,” “Music Of The Carousel,”  and “Out In The Rain.”

On another note, I’ve recently completed two new albums, one with vocals and the other all instrumental.  The vocal album is called “Through The Night” and will be out sometime this year.  It’s the closest thing to a rock album I’ve made in a long time and harkens back in tone and spirit to Crooked Lines.  I’ve left the 6 string banjo behind for now and have been playing only electric guitar.  My friends Bill Dobrow, Mauro Refosco and Guilherme Monteiro contributed their amazing talents as the band and my frequent collaborator Terry Manning co-produced and engineered.

The instrumental album is titled “Cosmo” and will be released by John Zorn’s label Tzadik Records this year as well. Of the 12 tracks on it, 6 are new compositions and 6 are instrumental versions of previously recorded songs, such as “Somewhere Down The Road” and “Wish I Was A Bird.” I’m joined by old and new friends Kenny Wollesen, Rob Burger, CJ Camerieri, Eivind Opsvik, Tony Scherr and Doug Wieselman.

There will be a Nublu gig of the vocal music on Friday May 21.  For those who haven’t been down to a show there, it’s been a lot of fun and I recommend having the Nublu experience!

Happy Spring!  See you soon.

All the best,